News and more than 1,000 thanks


I’ve reached 1,000 likes on my facebook page lately and still counting..

I was a bit on holidays as far as photography is concerned, but I’m back soon with a new blog post for the ‘Colours and Palette’ category, and maybe another photo for the ‘Behind the Mirror’ series.. The other projects are doing fine.. still sketching and set decorating for ‘The Letters’.. and new stories for the Short Collections are on their way..

Have a great weekend, and during your Sunday walk, pass by my Twitter profile.. I’ve got the new layout and it looks greater now..



Storytelling Projects


PC113738a2-1b2I have been working on stories for a while now. And the shooting will soon begin. For the moment it is just notes, and papers and notebooks. But the scenario of the main one is completed and the storyboards are on their way. New categories and new galleries will be opened for each. I will post pictures one by one as soon as they are ready.

So let me introduce the new series :

The Letters : a long story with a beginning and an end. It is fictional and takes place at the beginning of the last century.

Behind the Mirror : though there is a process and an evolution, it is more like a theme than a story. It is based on my personal experience and the philosophical musings it inspired.

Then a collection of very short stories or insights, as short as being made up of 3 pictures, sometimes a little more, and it is about various themes and subjects.

Are you ready?

Lady Autumn

Colours and Palette

At this time of the year leaves are undergoing a metamorphosis and green slowly turns into warm colours. But what you may not know is that Nature is like a lady taking off her clothes for the evening show. Colours don’t change.

leaves log

The pigment responsible for the green colour fades away as the amount of light decreases. This process reveals the underlying colours, yellow and orange shades, which have always been there.
Then when only half of the green pigments still lingers, the leaves add red and purple shades to their beauty. This is the last dance before dying and the decay process.

Leaves basket

At this stage brown shades are more prevalent, because they are the colours of the walls in the leaves, and slowly show through when pigments wash away.
As cold settles in the country and as days shorten, cold colours of summer change into warm colours to bring that cosy feeling we like so much. A last touch of warmth before the next season.

Late Autumn

News on a Rainy Day


I’m working on new projects. You will discover them little by little, picture by picture. The photos will be related to one another to make up a whole collection based on the same story. New galleries ahead :)

A Rainy Day

Rambling at Dusk

Portfolio Update

At this time of the day, when sunset has already occurred, the sky is strangely purple and pink, and just a dim orange light on the horizon testifies that the sun beams are still shining.. somewhere.. else..