Storytelling Projects


PC113738a2-1b2I have been working on stories for a while now. And the shooting will soon begin. For the moment it is just notes, and papers and notebooks. But the scenario of the main one is completed and the storyboards are on their way. New categories and new galleries will be opened for each. I will post pictures one by one as soon as they are ready.

So let me introduce the new series :

The Letters : a long story with a beginning and an end. It is fictional and takes place at the beginning of the last century.

Behind the Mirror : though there is a process and an evolution, it is more like a theme than a story. It is based on my personal experience and the philosophical musings it inspired.

Then a collection of very short stories or insights, as short as being made up of 3 pictures, sometimes a little more, and it is about various themes and subjects.

Are you ready?

News on a Rainy Day


I’m working on new projects. You will discover them little by little, picture by picture. The photos will be related to one another to make up a whole collection based on the same story. New galleries ahead :)

A Rainy Day