Fine Art Photography and Visual Storytelling



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Recent Posts in the Blog

The blog explores seasonal inspirations, perception and illusions, colours and palette, skills and technique, a pinch of history, visual storytelling techniques, and news about my projects and collections updates.


Secrets in the Darkroom : 20 best photo manipulations before Photoshop

Cornucopia :  Seasonal – Autumn Inspiration

The Art of Cropping : The way aspect ratio adds value to the storytelling

Summer Days Have Gone Away :  Seasonal – Autumn Inspiration

When Bad is Good : The awkward moment when a failed photo looks great


Storytelling Projects and Collections

The photos are related to one another to make up a whole collection based on the same story. Coming next…


The Letters 

A long story with a beginning and an end. It is fictional and takes place at the beginning of the last century.

Behind the Mirror 

Though there is a process and an evolution, it is more like a theme than a story. It is based on my personal experience and the philosophical musings it inspired. (see About Me for details)

Short Collections

Short stories or insights, as short as being made up of 3 pictures, sometimes a little more, about various themes and subjects.